End of a perfect day

End of a perfect day

Monday, March 2, 2009

In like a lion... out like a lamb.  It's March, yet in Southern California we welcomed the month with summer-like weather.    

My brother and sister-in-law from Colorado(coloooradooo) are here for a few days. If there every was a person who lives life for each beautiful moment... Todd is it.  Out of 4 brothers, he is most like my dad.  Todd savors the simplicity of life, even though the life journey he has taken has not been simple.  He has a deep love for Carole, his wife of 25 years. They truly smile at each other and find pure joy.  And he has the cutest little grandson this side of the Rockies.  (I can say that now, because I don't have any grandchildren... just grand dogs!)  
So back to the perfect California weather.  Todd arrived sometime during the dark early hours on Saturday morning after spending the day and evening hiking around Lake Mead.   

After a few cups of coffee and a couple hours of catching up, we packed the cars and headed to the beach for a day of kayaking and hiking.  JT met us along the way, so Todd had a paddling buddy.  Carole and I walked the beach for about 3 hours, re-discovering the tide pools, sea urchins, shells, sand dollars and even a few star fish.  It really was a perfect day.

Sunday morning plans were to visit the "famous Kolby's swap meet" and then the beach. Todd and JT didn't have much interest in bargain shopping so they loaded the car again - this time adding a bike, unicycle, and a little sunscreen.  

Carole carefully picked out a few California t-shirts and a couple Mexican bobbing-headed turtles to bring home to family. The bargain of the day  was a skim board for Todd.  Just another toy to add to his already full car.

We met Todd and JT at LaJolla shores ... actually just JT. Todd was off surfing!  He always wanted to learn to surf, so he found a surfboard rental shop and took to the waves.  JT enjoyed paddling up and down the California coast as he avoided playful seals swimming by.

I wish each day could be so perfect, yet maybe they are.  Through the eyes of the beholder...  I hope to start each day with a word or two of thanks and praise to God, my creator. I hope to take the time to notice how blessed I am to wake with few aches and pains, and be able to stand strongly on my own.  And as my "perfect" day unwinds, I pray that I will be an instrument of God's hands.  Loving and giving in His name for His glory.