End of a perfect day

End of a perfect day

Friday, February 19, 2010

Music to my ears

Every house has it's quirks. Squeaking floors, dripping pipes and moaning walls, yet I think our house has a different standard of bumps and pings it emits.

Having our office in the house certainly adds to the harmony of all the noise, as the fax machine beeps randomly in the night and the postage meter changes it's date at midnight, but it's the "sorrels-made" noises that bring a smile to my face.

The snoring of three dogs who are usually sound asleep by 8:15 have a way of providing our own "white noise." Although their snores are often drowned out by the man of the house and his night sounds, I can usually fall fast asleep between the sighs and yawns they produce.

Most days you will hear the "hum" of the vacuum, along with the prrrr from our irobot cleaning upstairs. While moving furniture, a favorite chair in the TV room shouts out "Hey, you're
making me angry!" No joke. Come and listen!

Then there are the look-alikes that grace our home. The Jodi-doll ( who is currently missing in action) squeaks out a little "Merk" when you squeeze her tummy. The newest addition of look-alike dolls is the JT-doll. Anna created this doll for me to help with my empty nest syndrome. Squeeze his tummy and he says, "Are you going to REI... can I come?" and squeeze his head and he repeats the famous, "Mother-mom, Mother-mom, Mother-mom" chant. All this in JT's own
voice. JT claims that he was tricked into recording these precious words, but I think not. I'm sure that JT was a willing accomplice for my listening enjoyment!

Gilly the bird adds her special voice to our home. She begins her day with ten to fifteen minutes of squawks and screeches, and a few times each year she adds clucking and clattering sounds before she lays an egg.

All of these special sounds are heard within the house, but just step outside to catch the braying of the neighbor's donkey or the lou - lou of the party of peacocks that live up the road. (They sound like a cat mewing at a very high decibel) As the sun sets, the band of Coyotoes play their songs too, yelping and yipping as they race down the driveway.

For all this, I give thanks.
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!
Psalms 150:6