End of a perfect day

End of a perfect day

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday afternoons

I usually grab every moment and fill it with something.  But not today.  It could be a bit of jet lag that I need to shake or a case of the sniffles that is fogging my mind, regardless of what caused it, I did nothing today. 
 I lounged in the lounge chair and soaked up a few rays of warmth from the sun while thoughts blew through my mind with the gentle outdoor breeze.  At one point I woke wondering if God sorrows when He sees people in pain.  Is it difficult for Him to watch, although we know that nothing is too difficult for God, but does His compassion lead Him to reach down and fix it?  I don't know.   
Another wakening brought  the question, why do boys like to talk, dream, think, and consume themselves in cars?  What gene triggers the moving vehicle sensation?  
There were too many random thoughts blowing through my mind today, so I decided enough of this laid back Sunday.  It's time to do something to keep my mind off of nothing. 

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