End of a perfect day

End of a perfect day

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's amazing what that word implies.  It makes me think that there is something better although I was perfectly satisfied with what I had.  

I try to contain myself when I go to pick up my rental car and the counter-person informs me that I have been upgraded from a compact to a economy at no charge.  The shrivers run down my leg with that word... I'm getting something that I did not pay for.  Whoohoo!  Even though I notice that all of the cars are economy models and there never were any compacts, I'm thrilled to receive an "upgrade." ( but the truth of the matter... the rental car is a Ford Focus ... not a BMW.)

But better yet is to hear that word at an airport check-in.   I'm  a seasoned traveler and have a fairly good understanding of seat selection on most airplanes.  It's only taken me 14 years to unravel the code of the airlines.  ( You know, the secret codes that represent the rules of the airlines.  i.e.  If you purchase a Y class on Tuesday and want to travel to Toledo, the fare may be $350.  But if you purchase a K class on Tuesday you may travel to Toledo and Chicago for just $99, but you must return through Dallas before 5:00 PM on Saturday or you will be penalized.)  After figuring out the best possible route and fare the challenge begins as I attempt to claim one of the coveted "exit-row" seats.  I'm not going to tell you what seat number that is f because then I'll be competing with you too.  

I've confirmed my seat and can now I rest knowing that I will be able to get on and off the airplane in the early boarding group.  ( Why you ask?  I'm not sure.... it has something to do with the rush of it all!)

And then it happens.  A minute before boarding my name is paged. Oh dear.  I hope and pray that there isn't a family emergency, but that always crosses my mind.  I bravely walk to the ticket counter and identify myself.  "Mrs. Sorrels, we have a seat for you in business class, but it is not an aisle seat.  Would you like this upgrade?"   I can feel my legs begin to wobble but I constrain myself trying desperately to act as if this is an everyday occurrence. "Sure, that would be great. Thanks,"  But inside, I can feel the cheer begin.  I won!  I get something better. Something that I didn't pay for.   I won't need to cram into that old exit row seat, I'll lounge in a "pod."  I won't be eating just airplane food, I'll be served better than average airplane food.

 Although it's free... it really isn't.  I've flown over a million miles to get this free upgrade.  Once.   

 Jesus asked me if I wanted an upgrade.  "Would you like forever-lasting life, along with grace, goodness, kindness, peace and righteousness?  It doesn't take a million miles and it is available to everyone.   Would you like this upgrade? "   "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes (in Him) has eternal life.  Yes, I am the bread of life!"  John 6:46-48   I constrain myself, yet the cheer has begun!

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